Interview: Katrina Iosia

For Artweek Auckland Artists Alliance is hosting artist Katrina Iosia, Katrina will be taking over one of the office spaces with her latest work. We spoke to Katrina in the lead up to her exhibition…

Can you tell us about your artist practice?

My artist practice explores notions of traditional pacific hand crafts. How its significance translates into ‘my pasifika’ that tell the stories of my here and now. Its intricately woven details of unconventional materials, creates layers that represents and acknowledges the past the present and informs future exploration. My work is currently making these connections through connectivity the translation of knowledge through craft making.

How did you come to this style of work?

I have always had a fascination for textured surfaces and pattern. It was during my years of University study that I was encouraged by my lecturer to combine my outside life with my studio life. As a cake decorator/ baker it made perfect sense, to utilize my knowledge and skill set to create these heavily tactile surfaces.

How do you choose the colours?

I like to work with a pastel colours, as I associate them with certain flavours. I really like the idea that certain shades can evoke nostalgic memories. The thought of lemon yellow, certain shades of green could associate with lime or mint the endless possibilities that dessert like colours can create.

Are the forms deliberate/planned or does the material guide you intuitively?

Throughout the process of my studio practice, my work has been intuitively guided, I find that when you plan a work it never really goes according to plan, if you allow yourself to trust in the process your more engaged with the work. I like that unplanned works have an unintentional aesthetic beauty.

What have you got planned for Artweek?

In a typical gallery setting artworks are not to be touched. So I have designed and created a large scale work for Artweek titled ‘Haptic’ – meaning a form of interaction that involves touch. This particular work will allow visitors to fully engage using the main senses of sight, touch and smell. However it is a work that encourages you to “feel and not to peel”.


Artists Alliance is thrilled to be hosting Katrina as our ‘artist in the office’ for Artweek 2018. Katrina will take over the Artists Alliance office (1b Ponsonby Road, Auckland) with an exhibition open throughout Artweek and will include an Artist Talk with ‘Cup and Cake’ at 6pm on Electric Night. Come along!

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