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Monday Morning

Monday 2018

Early start, still dark outside… best time in the morning for me to start work.

All is quiet on the Western front, no builders banging, no lawn mowers mowing, life in the suburb’s can be noisy. A lone Tui heralding in the dawn.

Work from home studio:

Coffee first thing.

Coffee 2018

Early morn studio shot 2018 (1)


I am currently working on ceramic plates, have a week to paint 24 dinner plates.

Before I take them to be fired.

My own self generated project.  One theme at the moment is “The Labyrinth” 1986, David Bowie, Jim Henson movie..

summer time is free time to experiment before the galleries all re-open in late January, no pressure just making work that I want to make, themes ,stories any idea’s or strange fancies.

Always listen to Pod casts like  “Criminal” and the BBC “Front Row “prefer to work to people talking so have loads of podcasts I listen to regularly.

Easel shot early morning 2018

Studio wall 2018

work in progressWork in progress nearly finished2018Finished waiting to be firedFinished Plate 2018 LabyrinthDetail of work


Work until 8:30 am : then off for a 30min walk to clear the head and stretch the legs.

Back from walk at 9 am

Walk 2018

Morning light



Back in studio working




Then in to my garden to gather tomatoes for dinner.

gather from Garden2018

garden from Kitchen window

2:30pm Studio working on plate listening to Frankenstein on BBC

4:30pm Prep for dinner.. partner due home at 5pm time to finish in studio for the day.

5pm Dinner


Down time – watching the Australian version of The Great British Bake off, hilarious.. no Mary Berry politeness or Paul Hollywood charm.

11pm  Read/Sleep


5ish  another early start.

Tuesday 2018