Artists’ Diaries | Kate Hursthouse

We’re launching a new blog series, the Artists’ Diaries – (roughly) 24 in an artist’s day.

We hope this series will show us ‘behind the scenes’ in the average day of different New Zealand artists. From the mundane aspects of everyday life to the challenges of a creative career, the variations are so broad & frankly, so interesting to us!

Our first featured artist is Kate Hursthouse, an artist specialising in calligraphy, lettering, illustration and typography.


Wednesday 7:30 am

Snooze alarm multiple times. Ponder how long I can stay in my warm bed


Cup of tea & breakfast at home while reading and replying to emails.


Finish an illustration for a client and email it through.


Head to studio, chat to the other fabulous humans who work in Studio 1B.

Bump into an old friend who is creating something next door at Studio One.


Organize student calligraphy workshop packs

KH_Student Calligraphy Packs


Paper jam in the printer.

Unassembled printer to find elusive piece of paper that is apparently causing all the issues.


pop across the road for midday yoga


eat lunch, peruse Instagram, take ages trying to pick a photo to post

(I picked this one!)

KH_Instragram Post


2pm – 4pm

Admin. Admin. Admin.

Emails. Proposals. Marketing. Invoicing. Future workshop planning. New business cards for my graphic design business……..


Tidied up studio and all my pens, inks and materials ready for my evening workshop


6pm – 9pm

teach Intro to Calligraphy workshop in my studio

KH_Calligraphy workshop2

KH_Calligraphy workshop1

Thursday 7:30am

Snooze. Snooze. Snooze. Snooze.


Head to studio

1hr spent working through a new client brief and brainstorming ideas

2hrs spent working on a graphic design project for my design business Scribble Me This

1 hr meeting with a colleague regarding said job


Wander down Ponsonby Road to get a few things. Pop in to chat with the folks at Endemic World.


Long, mildly stressful phone call with a client discussing work required for a very tight deadline

5:30pm – 9pm

Opening of Veronica Herber and Margaret Estall’s 2 Women Show at Studio 1B.

Check out their amazing work, grab a drink and back up to my studio which is open for Electric Night K’Rd. Meet so many new, interesting and exciting people.

KH_Open Studio

Kate’s Studio

Margaret Estall

Margaret Estall & Veronica Herber


If you’d like to check out Kate’s upcoming workshops go to (we recommend!)

Also visit her website: