TBT: The Artist’s Studio | Janet Lilo

This week we revisit another of our past Art All magazine articles from the ‘The Artist’s Studio’ series. Janet Lilo’s ‘studio’ in the street challenges the concept of the traditional studio space.

Is your studio near to or far from where you live?

My studio is divided in two parts, one at home and the other – out and about.

Do you collaborate with others in your ‘studio’

If my studio is outside, then yes. It often happens. Depending on what I am doing, I generally meet people, see or hear things that may contribute to the work. The process and production I feel is very important. If a studio is where you learn and test, then the outside world is my playground. That is where I discover things randomly and challenge myself to make things happen. If at home, I collaborate with people on Facebook. They don’t know I’m collaborating, but when files are rendering I use that ‘waiting’ time to share music, statuses and pictures as a way of keeping social and to drip feed ideas behind work I might be developing indirectly.

What does your average ‘art making’ day look like?

It looks like a whirlwind! As a mother to young children, it can be quite tricky to navigate a linear art practice. I also work simultaneously on ‘other’ projects that generate income. My art practice is not one that ‘sells’ particularly well either, so It is important to balance what I do as an artist, mother and freelance income earner. My day can start with dishing out Weetbix, meeting a curator for coffee, researching a project, taking photographs on the street, mentoring over the phone, to editing video on the couch at home. It always changes.

When is your most productive time of day?

Before children, I loved working late at night through to the early hours. I likened it to dreaming at night – but awake, instead of asleep. After children, my most productive times are when they are at school or early childhood center. I pretty much get in where I can fit.

What tools do you need to make your work?

My brain, my heart, my ears, my voice, my hands, positivity, some luck, at least one camera, a laptop, the internet, spotify and coffee.

What are the three essential elements for your ideal ‘studio’ space?

Outdoors: Good light, a system that allows me to comfortably carry gear that can be popped out at a moments notice to document something and random acts of God.

Indoors: Music, coffee + comfy seating.
Article originally published in Art All magazine, issue 113, summer 2013/14


Janet Lilo | Image courtesy Michelle Beattie & Artists Alliance


Janet Lilo | Image courtesy Michelle Beattie & Artists Alliance


Janet Lilo | Image courtesy Michelle Beattie & Artists Alliance