Industry Insight: Rebecca Ward Interview

We recently caught up with Rebecca Ward, one of our internship programme alumni to see what she has been up to since the internship…

As a result of the internship with Chartwell Trust, what opportunities have come your way?

I’ve been very fortunate to continue working with Chartwell for the last two years; learning about archiving, conservation, and collection acquisitions. I have also had the opportunity to develop my research skills and see my writing published both online and in an exhibition catalogue.

Can you tell us a little about how your masters studies involved the Chartwell Collection? 

I complied an overview of the Chartwell Collection, from 1974 when it began in Hamilton, up to the present day. I surveyed key works, themes, and exhibitions, tracked the history and development of the Collection, and highlighted how the Collection is a significant, distinctive and incomparable body of contemporary art. I was able to include a great deal of archival research and interviews, which was a fantastic experience.

What are you working on currently?

As well as continuing my role as Chartwell intern, I am working at Whitespace Gallery and doing a bit of freelance writing in my spare time.

Can you tell us about a memorable interaction/experience with an artwork that stands out in your mind?

Probably seeing Sachiko Abe’s performance Cut Papers # 13 at the 2012 Sydney Biennale – I was completely transfixed and inspired by the repetitiveness of the artist’s process, and how the end result was so monumental in comparison to her actions.

What would your advice be to those wanting to embark on a career in the arts in New Zealand?

I think especially when leaving university, it’s important not to lose your community – your peers, lecturers, mentors, and great organisations like Artists Alliance, are invaluable.

And lastly, what’s happening next for you?

In February next year my partner and I are moving to England for a couple of years, to work and travel around Europe!

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