Resource | New Zealand Art Awards Calendar

As part of our effort to keep Artists Alliance members up to date with opportunities, we compiled a list of art awards and exhibitions that take place around New Zealand so that our members can be prepared and plan ahead.

Art awards can be a brilliant opportunity to get your work in front of others, to test ideas, and of course to earn some extra income. We’ve also included a few public exhibitions that are open for applications.

Those listed range in their focus on emerging, mid-career, and established artists. Although it’s arguable how to divide these categories, it is essential to carefully research each award, look at their purpose or aims, and see which would be a good fit for you. We also can’t stress enough how important it is to read all of the terms and conditions of entry. There can be some conditions that limit entry significantly, such as all work submitted must be for sale, must not have been exhibited before, or must adhere to certain dimensions or materials are common.

The art awards calendar is just one of the valuable resources available to members on our website’s Knowledge Base.

Artists Alliance Art Awards Calendar PDF