Emma Jameson: Internship Reflection

Working at EyeContact was a fantastic experience.

Although I had previously contributed articles to the University of Auckland’s student magazine Craccum, I had little prior experience in writing extended art reviews. Working as an intern at EyeContact pushed me into the slightly intimidating and overwhelming art writing world,  and it was the best thing that could have happened in my year studying Honours in Art History at the University of Auckland. I developed new writing skills, experienced different art environments, forged new contacts, and gained confidence in my own opinions and abilities.

John [Hurrell] was a wonderfully supportive mentor for the internship. His knowledge of artists, media, critical writing, and gallery spaces throughout New Zealand is extensive and I feel very privileged to have been given the opportunity to work with him. As well as providing useful feedback on my writing, he also gave me the freedom to choose exhibitions to review. I was able to choose topics that particularly interested me, as well as challenging myself by writing on art media that I hadn’t researched or written about before.

My internship with EyeContact and Artists Alliance has opened up so many new career pathways for me. The professional and personal skills I developed throughout my internship have been instrumental in shaping my current and future career prospects. I have received several writing commissions from art galleries and magazine publications, and am currently working as an intern at the Auckland Art Gallery.

Thank you!


Emma Jameson was an Intern for EyeContact as part of the Artists Alliance 2014 Internship Programme.