The Artist’s Studio | Michelle Beattie

We caught up with our good friend Michelle Beattie recently in her Auckland studio for our latest ‘behind the scenes’ look into where the magic happens! Thanks for having us Michelle.

Is your studio near to or far from where you live?

Very near, in fact it is in the upstairs loft in my house. Convenient.

What does your average ‘art making’ day look like?

Starts with coffee, sitting at my desk and gazing out the window. Then I get stuck into whatever I’m making. I’ve found I’m only productive for a few hours at a time, so I’ll always take a break to faff in the garden or something. Then a few more hours work.

When is your most productive time of day?

I’m not sure I actually have a productive time of day, however I’m certainly more productive when I’m working to a deadline.

I once tried a year of few external deadlines and to be honest I didn’t finish much that year.  Now I’ve accepted that I work better to a deadline and so I make sure I have plenty coming up to keep me on track.

Do you make better work when the studio is tidy or chaotic?

Tidy – cant you tell from these pictures 🙂

What materials/tools do you always have on hand in the studio?

Paper, coloured pencils, a stack of research images, and an odd collection of objects like bricks, branches/wood and plaster of paris pieces.

What are three essential elements for your ideal studio space?

Natural light, a comfortable chair, quiet/distance from other people.

Do you play music while you work? (If so – what’s on your playlist?)

I’m currently all about listening to podcasts in the studio. Favourites at the moment are:

* Serial,  npr TED Radio hour ,This American Life

Your studio in one word?