The Artist’s Studio | Matthew Browne

Amberleigh and Aimee recently caught up with Auckland artist Matthew Browne in his Queen Street studio.

Is your studio near to or far from where you live?

I have a studio in the New Zealand Sunday School Union building on Queen St and live in Grey Lynn, so it’s an easy bike ride into town. I’ve had a studio in this building for around 20 years now.

What does your average ‘art making’ day look like?

I don’t really have an average day in the studio. Sometimes it’s productive and sometimes not. I usually sit and look at things for a bit to get into the head space of beginning work. My time is a bit of a juggle of other commitments too…teaching, administration of the school that I run in Grey Lynn (Browne School of Art)…and family time of course.

When is your most productive time of day?

I’m slow to start in the morning, though I’m ok once I’m up and running. Usually though, if I can get the space, I feel most mentally alert in the late afternoon or evenings. If I had a studio at home I’d definitely be a night worker……though I’d probably exhaust myself in the process!

What tools do you need to make your work?

That depends on what I’m doing at the time. Obviously, brushes, paints, canvas etc. for painting…but if I’m making sculpture it’s more complicated with copper rod and welding gear. Sculpture is hugely more time consuming and so if I’m busy with other things it gets put on hold and I turn to painting, which can be more immediate.

What are the three essential elements for your ideal studio space?

Light, wall space and table.

Do you play music while you work? (If so – what’s on your playlist?)

Sometimes I do. I particularly like Arvo Pärt, Alison Krauss and Boozoo Bajou. But I flick around a bit so you never can tell!

Your studio in one word?

One word?……I have two….my ‘Happy Place’.

Please click on the images below to see more images of Matthew’s studio.