The Artist’s Studio | Alex Bartleet

We caught up with artist Alex Bartleet in his studio at AUT University where he is currently completing his  Post Graduate Honours degree. Visiting artists’ studios has to be one of our favourite activities, but when it’s also in an art school during term holidays it’s even better. So much work on the go, far from the polished, pristine work we get to see at the end of year grad shows…a privilege to see so much work in the creative stage.

Is your studio near to or far from where you live?

At the moment I have returned to university studies so I have been making great use of public transport with the lack of parking in the city. I’m currently living in a cute little villa in Grey Lynn so it’s a quick one stage bus ride in.

How much time do you spend there during an average week?    

A lot at the moment as the end of the year has crept up so fast! Although the amount of research that is required during Post Graduate Honours degree leaves us very little time to make work. I try to be in there at least 3 days a week.

When is your most productive time of day

I would love to say the morning, but I am usually most productive in the early afternoon after a few too many coffees. Ideas for works however, come to me whenever they please.

Do you let other people/artists/dealers into your work space or do you prefer privacy?

Yes of course! I like the idea of a studio space being a creative space for anyone that wants to hang out and talk ideas. Although there are of course times when you have heavy deadlines looming and it’s a no-go zone.(for their safety)

Do you make better work when the studio is tidy or chaotic?

Hmmmmm. I like a bit of both. I try to keep one half white and tidy like a gallery space and the other half tends to resemble a post-apocalyptic catastrophe. Actually a great idea for an installation.

Do you play music while you work? (If so – what’s on your playlist?)

Ooooo yes! I literally have a playlist for every mood and occasion. My ART PLAYLIST includes:

Alt J – Taro
Bibio – Down To The Sound
Father John Misty – Fun Times in Babylon
Robert Glasper Experiment – Afro Blue (feat. Erykah Badu)
Bob Dylan – Wigwam

What are the three essential elements for your ideal studio?

Tools, materials and lots of energy.

Describe your studio in one word


Images courtesy Artists Alliance. Please click on the images below to view in a slideshow.